Skip One Seafood Restaurant was named after a fishing boat owned by the market’s original owner back in the 60s. Today the restaurant owes its popularity to the harvest of its owner’s fleet; Dennis Henderson and his partner own the biggest shrimp boat fleet in Florida. Their trawlers unload nearby, at their Fort Myers Beach packing house.

Wild caught Florida shrimp is known as “pink gold;” it’s natural, fresh and flash frozen right out of the nets. The flavor is salty/sweet, and the texture is appealing. Every shrimp platter served at Skip One is hand peeled and deveined the day it is served. Enjoy your meal with beer or wine.

This may be your first taste of fresh, natural shrimp.

About85% of the shrimp Americans eat is from Asia or South America, where it has been raised in chemically treated ponds. This sad fact also applies to most upscale waterfront locations; few are honest about the origin of their shrimp. (See Mission)

Seafood Selection

We work with the seasons, local fishermen, crabbers and trusted partners to assure our customers can enjoy grouper, snapper, crab and other favorite seafood year round.Specialty platters include lobster, snow crab, stone crab, soft shell crab, king crab, frog legs and more; every meal is made to order.

Eat in, take out or ship

Purchase smoked fish, shrimp platters, party trays, fresh salads and more to go.Browse our showcases for shell fish, crab and fresh fish;choose from ½ lb. to an entire fish hand fileted to your specifications. (See Market Menu.)

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