About Skip One

“Can’t praise this little dive enough!”
From a review in Urban Spoon

Skip-One-41 Owner Dennis Henderson has worked in Florida’s shrimp industry since he was a boy unloading boats for the fish houses. His father was a welder who worked on docks and boats; as he grew, he followed his father’s example and started his own boat welding and repair business.

In time he and two partners began buying their own boats. They named their enterprise TriCo and spent years going back and forth to Texas for shrimp, unloading their catch at fish houses. (In 1980 the third partner was bought out.)

When St. George Packing went up for sale, Dennis Henderson and George Gala bought everything – the building, the waterfront property and Beach Seafood & Gulf Shrimp; their trucking company ships the fleet’s catch to the big processors.