Unedited Urban Spoon Reviews Seafood Reviews

“Go for the food! Excellent fish and seafood.Great staff and customers. Good place for a tourist to meet nice locals. Fish was simply prepared, allowing the natural taste to come through.”
(Michael Perrotta, 4/28/13)

“Skip One is the epitome of perfect seafood. I’ve had grouper at over 100 restaurants throughout the U.S. and confirm Skip One as the best… This place is the real deal…”
(Mike Mrozinski, 4/4/13)

“It’s the kind of place that should be featured on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. Dumpy building, but some of the best seafood I’ve had since moving to Florida. The conch chowder was really flavorful. The fried oysters were plump and not at all greasy. The fried gator was the most tender I’ve ever had. So good! Proof one more time that you can trust a full parking lot when choosing an eating place.”
(Felicia Vereen Beaudry, 10/7/12)

“Wow! Delicious! We never would have stopped of we didn’t read the reviews! Total hole in the wall but best seafood in the area! The coconut shrimp were HUGE and u get about NINE of them plus two sides! The clam chowder was SO thick and hearty! Don’t pass this place up!”
(Allison, 6/6/12)

“Clam chowder here exists in its primordial form rich with chunks of clam meat steeped in a thick creamy base. It has a zesty peppery flavor that makes you want the next bite more than the last.” (Chance, 12/26/11)


15820 S. Tamiami Trail
Fort Myers, FL 33908


Restaurant Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 11 A.M. – 9 P.M.


Market Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 9 A.M. – 9 P.M.